High impact Education with Live It (formerly Fish Eye Project)

Share your science in a unique and engaging way to reach your audience. I work on digital, interactive, high impact, and inspirational education experience. With Live It (formerly Fish Eye Project), I have been involved in organizing unique educational experiences with students from K-12 and beyond using live underwater broadcasting. We streamed experts from the field in real-time to classrooms, as well as Giant Screen theatres, such as IMAX theatres, Science Centres, and Aquariums. Contact me or Visit LiveIt.Earth for more information.

Some testimonials: 

“This is the beginning of an international movement” 
- Mayor Lisa Helps, Victoria, BC
“It felt like we were communicating with an astronaut… only, underwater”
- Feenie, grade 6 student, Victoria, BC

Fish Eye Project short trailer: 

Workshop or Webinar Facilitation

For the past few years, I've organized and facilitated a variety of workshops and webinars. One project that I thoroughly enjoyed was to organize a film workshop for Inupiat youth in the Arctic along with the ShoreZone coastal mapping program. The 1-week course aimed to give a voice to youth so they can interview elders, document their own knowledge of the coast, join us in the helicopter to take aerial footage, and produce films about it. We did two workshops, one in Kaktovik and one in Point Lay, on the North Slope of Alaska. 

One of our students had her film shown in three international film festival. 

See Tracy Burns' film here (4min):