Writing & Speaking

Taking science-based information and translating it into a form that the audience can not only understand but inspires them and encourages them to learn more.


Selected Conferences, Workshops & talks

2018 –  Carleton University Institute on the Ethics of Research with Indigenous Peoples, Ottawa, ON (Summer Six-day course)

2018 –  Media that Matters Workshop, Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC (Speaker and attendee)

2018 – Panelist on Women in STEM, Let's Talk Science, Victoria, BC 

2018 – Panelist on Connecting with Science and Nature, Elements Film Festival, Science World, Vancouver, BC 

2018 – Community-Based Research workshop, presented on the use of innovative tools to engage communities, IdeaFest, Victoria, BC  (Speaker)

2018 – Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference, Edmonton, AB

2017 –  Connecting Arctic Communities: Live Streaming as a Tool to Connect, Share, and Educate. Arctic Change Conference, ArcticNet, Quebec City, QC (Speaker)

2017 – Environmental Youth Forum, California Film Institute, San Rafael, CA, USA  (Speaker and Panelist at the Water Panel)

2016 –  Going Beneath the Waves with Live Dives. Explorers Club Symposium.  Salt Spring Island, BC and Explorers Club Event in Toronto, ON

2016 –  Live Underwater Broadcasting: an Innovative Solution to Engage Students in Marine Conservation Topics: A Case Study, International Marine Conservation Congress, St.John's, NL

2015   –  Beneath the Waves with Fish Eye Project, Giant Screen Cinema Association, San Francisco, CA 

2015    – ShoreZone in the Classrooms: Outreach and Education Applications, American Fisheries Society Conference, Portland, OR 

2015    – CaNOE conference: Ocean Literacy Conference, Vancouver, BC 

2014    – 2020 Vision of Canada’s Oceans Dialogue; How can Canada do better on sustainable oceans? Vancouver, BC 

2013    – Yukon/BC Annual Explorers Club Symposium, Salt Spring Island

2013    – A Sense of Place on a Changing Coast: an Arctic Perspective, Marine     Night, Victoria Natural History Society

2012   – Yukon North Slope Conference, Whitehorse, YT 

2012   – Subsistence Mapping Conference, Kotzebue, AK 

2011    – World Marine Biodiversity Conference, Aberdeen, UK

2010   – Habitat Mapping Conference (GeoHab), Wellington, NZ 

2009  – World Student Environment Summit, Victoria, BC



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Sense of Place: Using New Media to Share Traditional Stories.” Terralingua Magazine.

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Speaking Topics: Inspiring Women in Science, Innovative Education Tools, Journey to Antarctica, Arctic Spell: the Northwest Passage on an Icebreaker, Mapping the North from the Sky, Women/Mom Entrepreneur. 

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